What is a Personal Chef?

A Personal Chef is a professional cooking service that provides meal planning and preparation for busy professionals and their families, as well as other customers, on a weekly or monthly basis. This service provides the person on the go with the opportunity to enjoy a nutritious home cooked meal in the comfort of his or her home.  Today's hectic lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up delicious cuisine on your own dinner table.  As the Personal Chef industry grows, a diverse array of special menus are being offered.  Menus include gourmet, ethnic, homestyle, bistro, inn favorites, BBQ ready, kosher, special diet, kids favorites, economy, and once-a-month cooking.  Special diet menus include low fat, diabetic, vegetarian, heart-healthy, and many others.

Here is how it works...

In most cases your service begins with a personal appointment to meet the chef and discuss your food and dietary requirements.  A personal chef tailors menus to your daily needs.  Tell your chef what kinds of foods you like to eat and don't like or cannot eat.  Personal chefs can often prepare most any style of food or cuisine to your specifications as well as preparing any favorite dishes you may have.  Ingredients hand-selected by personal chefs are the finest products available.

After you tell your chef what you like, you can just sit back and relax. All of the menu planning, grocery shopping and product selection, cooking and meal preparation, meal packaging, and kitchen cleanup will be done for you.

Most services schedule a cooking day to prepare the meals in your home.  Meals are personalized to your tastes and dietary requirements, then stored in your freezer with complete defrosting and heating instructions.  Professional cooking equipment is provided by the chefs, who leave your kitchen clean (and smelling wonderful), and your first meal ready to serve.  All you need to do is warm your customized entrée and enjoy.

The cost of a personal chef service is modest relative to the cost of equivalent meals in restaurants. Imagine coming home at the end of your busy day and having a gourmet meal ready to heat and eat, without the hassle of shopping, planning or preparing, or making a dinner reservation.

Many services also offer gourmet cooking instruction, gift certificates, and while most are not caterers, many personal chefs will cater small parties as well.

The Personal Chef Directory includes these and other unique aspects of a wide range of personal chef businesses.  The Directory is indexed by specialty menu as well as by location, so you can easily find a personal chef in your area who specializes in the kind of meals you are looking for.

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